Collaboration Thinking: Introductory Framework

An introduction by way of trying to answer the question: Why did I organize a working group on collaborations, co-operatives, coalition-building?

When I wrote the proposal for this working group last spring I was sitting in an apartment in Zagreb, I had just worked 7 hours in the Croatian film association archive (essentially the state archive) with a Macedonian colleague who was helping me with translations of the “Anti-Film Debates” that happened in Zagreb in the early 1960s. At that time, she was telling me, Macedonia still did not have a government. It had fallen in December under the weight of Albanian ethno-nationalist opposition forces, or that is what I could understand of the complicated story that unfolded in her description of the situation. The day prior she and I had travelled to Ljubljana on the train passing through heavily armed check points along the border. On the way into Slovenia—the Schengen Zone—my friend was questioned. On the way out of the Zone, back into Croatia, I was. We sat and drank a beer together the following evening, back in Zagreb, after another long day in the archive. I wrote a proposal for “Collaborations, Co-operatives, Coalition-building,” and she and I talked about what those words could mean in relation the ideas of the Anti-Film Debates that we were working with in the archive; and what they could mean under the contemporary conditions of the Balkan states (in each state, across the states, in relation to the EU, and in relation to anywhere/everywhere else).

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Readings for Meeting One: Collaboration Thinking

Readings for Meeting One: Collaboration Thinking

The texts for our September 13 are listed below.

Selected readings from our co-faciliators, Erin Greer and Angela Marino, include: four of Hannah Arendt’s lectures on Kant’s political philosophy; the last chapter of Linda Zerilli’s A Democratic Theory of Judgment entitled “Judging as a Democratic World-building Practice”; and conversation between Iñigo Errejón and Chantal Mouffe entitled “Re-thinking the Political” from their Podemos: In the Name of the People.

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