Readings for Meeting One: Collaboration Thinking

Readings for Meeting One: Collaboration Thinking

The texts for our September 13 are listed below.

Selected readings from our co-faciliators, Erin Greer and Angela Marino, include: four of Hannah Arendt’s lectures on Kant’s political philosophy; the last chapter of Linda Zerilli’s A Democratic Theory of Judgment entitled “Judging as a Democratic World-building Practice”; and conversation between Iñigo Errejón and Chantal Mouffe entitled “Re-thinking the Political” from their Podemos: In the Name of the People.

It is our hope that these selected readings will create a shared basis for discussion.


Additionally, I (the working group organizer) have chosen a number of suggested readings. In particular, if you have the time, I highly recommend reading Greer’s recent article, “‘A Many-Sided Substance,'” which works through elements Kantian aesthetic theory in Virginia Woolf’s The Waves in order to begin building a philosophy of conversation. This and the other suggested readings offer insights and reflections on a variety of topics surrounding the term “collaboration,” from collaboration and the Vichy period; to collaborative circle group dynamics (in particular, within the Frankfurt School); to canonical texts by Benedict Anderson, Jean-Luc Nancy, and Victor Turner on community, which implicitly and explicitly invoke certain ideas of what collaboration is, should, or could be in the process of community formation; to a cluster of reading around the recent (re-)emergence of the 1970s Russian Collection Action Group in the field of visual arts.


REMEMBER: all of these are only suggested—perhaps they can take the notion of collaboration in a direction that interests you, or troubles you, or somewhere else I can’t even imagine! And it is also entirely possible that you don’t have time to read anything beyond those three texts selected by our co-facilitators—that is okay too!!



Hannah Arendt, Lectures on Kant’s Political Philsophy

Arendt_Lectures on Kants Political Philosophy_lectures 7+ 9-13

Linda Zerilli, “Judging as a Democratic World-building Practice” from A Democratic Theory of Judgment

Zerilli_Judging a Democratic World-Building Practice

“Rethinking the Political,” a conversation between Iñigo Errejón and Chantal Mouffe in Podemos: In the Name of the People

ErrejonMouffe_Re-thinking the Political



Erin Greer, “‘A Many-Sided Substance’: The Philosophy of Conversation in Woolf, Russell, and Kant”

Greer_A Many-Sided Substance

Talbot Inlay and Martin Horn, excerpts from The Politics of Industrial Collaboration during WWII

Imlay + Horn_The Politics of Industrial Collaboration during WWII excerpts

Michael Farrell, excerpts from Collaborative Circles

Farrell_Collaborative Circles excerpts

Neil McLaughlin, “Collaborative Circles and Their Discontents. Revisiting Conflict and Creativity in Frankfurt School Critical Theory”

McLaughlin_Collaborative Circles and their Discontents_Sociologica

Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities

Anderson_Imagined Communities

Jean-Luc Nancy, The Inoperative Community


Victor Turner, “Liminality and Communitas”

Turner_Liminality and Communitas

Claire Bishop, “The Zone of Indistinguishability”

Bishop_Zones of Indistinguishability – eflux

Various texts from the Moscow Conceptualism website (your choice!)

Reviews of Boris Groys’ curated program of Collective Action re-performances

Joshua Tucker, “Enough! Electoral Fraud, Collective Action Problems, and Post-Communist Colored Revolutions”

Tucker_Enough – Electoral Fraud Collective Action Problems and Postcommunist Colored Revolutions



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